Happiest Mom-to-Be! Seattle Studio Maternity Session!

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Happiest Mom-to-Be!  Seattle Studio Maternity Session!

THIS is why I do what I do!  I couldn’t wait to come into the studio to this lively and gorgeous soul.  It’s been 11 years now of photographing mamas and dads-to-be in the studio and it is always the most joyous interesting time.  AND YES.. that is a backbend…  and YES this is pretty much her due […]

Pretty Lady!!! Seattle Maternity Photography Studio Session.

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Mother’s day is this weekend..  and of course it is my favorite holiday!  To all of you mammas out there, I am sending you so much love!  Congrats to Jamie and Jenny who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!

Seattle Maternity Photography!

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I love this gorgeous mom to be!   Sometimes I am just taken away at the openness and honest beauty that my clients bring to the studio.  I aspire towards capturing the sensuality and love that is often present in pregnancy, gifting treasured keepsakes to remember the process of becoming a mother again, or for […]

Fabrice, Jami, Leonai, and Tiemo

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My good friends Jami, Fabrice, and Leonai just added a new addition to their family.  Tiemo!   Tiemo is just days old in these photos.  I posted most of  Jami’s birth story below the images.  It is a fantastic one at that!  Her and her son Leonai were alone for most of the birth.  She […]

Olivia, Peter, and INTRODUCING Amadi

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What dream models.  Olivia is not only a fantastic dancer…  but an amazing painter as well.  A beautiful artist in so many ways!  Check out her website here: http://www.oliviapendergast.com/Olivia_Pendergast/home.html There were so many sweet shots…  I may have to make another blog post about this later!!!!

Beautiful Ashley

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I am ordering some prints for lovely Ashley today.  I just have to say that she was one of my favorite models this year!  We did so much exploring and playing in the studio and got some great images.  And!!!!  Ashley is on her way to becoming a midwife. One of the most honored professions […]

One Last Look at 2011 …. babies . babies . babies and more!

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Last year has marked the first official year of Satya Curcio Photography here in Seattle and on Orcas Island.  What a beautiful year it has been and I am in deep gratitude for all who have come to the studio or met me on the beach!  Since this is a new blog, this might give […]