about satya

With close to ten years of professional experience, Satya is sought out for her whimsical and sentimental style in both her portrait and wedding work. She strives to make each session, whether on your wedding day, or with your littlest new treasure, a fun and honest reflection of you and your family at this time in your life.

Satya’s portraits are genuine and capture the unique spirit of each child.  Her experience as a doula and working with kids of all ages and energy levels, shines through.

Satya works closely with couples on their wedding plans to create an easy timeline for their day, where the photography portion is collaborative, artistic and non-intrusive. She also loves to help find just the right location and vendors in Seattle and the San Juan Islands.

Photography has been Satya’s life passion. Since the age of 15, she has dedicated herself to the art. She received a degree in studio photography and psychology from Evergreen State College and has been working professionally since 2006.


Satya!! We are in Bali right now for our honeymoon, and every chance we get we look at our sneak peek photos. You did such an amazing job with location, timing, and the umbrellas are our favorite!! Thank you so much for capturing our special day. We can’t wait to see the rest!!

Quinn + Ryan - Seattle

My favorite part about working with Satya is her artistry – she truly loves and excels at photography. It was very important to us that our photos looked original and not like stock wedding photos and Satya made that happen. The results are spectacular! Thank you!

Adrienne + Logan - Anchorage, AK

Satya shot our wedding on Orcas Island this summer, and I *cannot* recommend her highly enough. I wanted someone who could capture the moments and yet also be invisible (the only way to truly capture candids, right?!)…and she did it to a tea. She documented every detail with love and artistry. BUT- the biggest surprise is that I love the portraits she did of me and my husband the most out of everything. I literally told her they would be family heirlooms. They beautifully tell our story- before and after the wedding – without any effort or sense of being contrived. very highly recommended!

Pepper + Marshall - New York, NY

Thank you so much for Helping to make our wedding so special! Your calm and playful spirit made us so comfortable and we had so much fun. By the end we felt like you were a part of our family. The photos are beautiful!

Megan + Robin - Seattle

Satya is the best photographer I have ever worked with, she is a true artist. She goes the extra mile to make sure all the details are perfected. I have worked with here both as professional designer and she has photographed my children. Her studio work is always my favorite to design with and the Santa photos she took of my boys got so many complements! They were worthy of a classic Christmas card! I can barely wait for the next shoot with her. I cannot recommend her more!

Ellen Leon - Seattle

Satya shot our newborn photos and was an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a way with little babies and captured some truly unforgettable moments (and he was just 12 days old). I’m grateful to have these moments captured by such a talented photographer – thanks Satya!

Audra Lawler - Orcas island

Thank you so much for the beautiful moments you captured of my precious baby! I cried my eyes out the first ten times I looked at all of them. There are so many perfect shots!

Candice Hillman

I just want to let you know that we have received TONS of compliments on your photos. EVERYONE says something about them…usually along the lines of how they love how natural and unposed they are, and how much all of our personalities come through. THANK YOU for doing such a great job!

Bridgett Quichocho - Seattle

a view from behind the lens