12:00 till 2:00 AM Town Hall!!!! Celebrating LOVE, UNION, COMMITMENT, and PARTNERSHIP

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Thank you to all of the loving couples who graciously allowed me and Erik Braziunas to complete this photo project!  We went to Town hall to meet all of the people coming down to exercise their right to be in legal partnerships.  Many of these people got to the courthouse around 7 pm in order to be the first ones in.  Hooray for Washington State!  Here is a sampling of the photos…..

To see the complete collection I have created an album on my facebook page. There they can be easily downloaded, shared, tagged!  It would be awesome and generous of any couple that we photographed to comment how long they have been together, and any other part of their story they would like to share.  Perhaps together we can create an archive of this historic moment in time!  If you do not have a facebook page please contact me directly to get copy of your web-ready photo!

Here is the link to that!


AND!!  If any of the participants are interested in having me make a print for them you can access the gallery of images here:

To get a print there is a small fee for handling, ordering and shipping.


(Please Note:  There are 4 pages of images listed above the photos.)marriage1blog1gaymarriage-1gaymarriage-15 gaymarriage-21 gaymarriage-38 gaymarriage-92 gaymarriage-45 gaymarriage-100 gaymarriage-57 blog2gaymarriage-71blog5gaymarriage-68gaymarriage-77gaymarriage-63blog4gaymarriage-105